Fanchon Fröhlich



“ I was born Fanchon Angst (the name means ‘Fear’) whereas my name means ‘Joyful’ – a slight contradiction.

I gained many scholarships but chose to go to the University of Chicago whereas later chose to go to the– Sommerville College studying with Sir Peter Strawson in the domain of Philosophy.
I went on a dilapidated boat between Liverpool and the New World, it being the worst storm hurricane in the history when I encountered my husband who was the Professor of theoretical Physics.
Afterwards I decided to do art – first in Liverpool at the Liverpool College of Art then in St. Ives where I was with Peter Lanyon the painter (until he died), and then in Paris where I was doing etching in the etching studio at Bill Hayter – see the book about his Kyoto achievements.
My portrait (of Herbert ) will go to the Royal Society in London after my death.
I have lived on in Liverpool and in Paris.”

“While living in Paris I was attracted to Bill Hayter, the fabulous etcher and painter who lived in New York and Paris. He died while he was in the midst of his painting.
He had Jackson Pollok as his student in New York and Viera de Silva in Paris.
I am also a painter and philosopher and have written a book on Bill Hayter’s methods of experimental drawing, and the origin of ‘Collective Phenomena’ which is a group of painters painting together with a musician who tunes into our movements in Paris, London and Liverpool.”

Fanchon Fröhlich


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