John Minnion


Currently exhibiting in "Artists and Identity"; 3 Nov - 22 Dec 2007

exhibition @ The Grange, 36 Ulet Road, Liverpool, L17 3BP.

Viewing by appointment. Please, see links above for contact details.


About The Artist

John Minnion moved to Liverpool in 2001 after 24 years working as a professional illustrator in London.

He was political caricaturist for New Statesman throughout the 1980s, at the same time drawing hundreds
of composers in The Listener. Over many years in The Times his work has embellished regular columns by the
likes of Ned Sherrin, Lynne Truss, Nigella Lawson and Anthony Howard. Other regular slots included
weekly drawings in the Financial Times, Guardian, Sunday Express and Sunday Business.

In Liverpool, John started his own publishing imprint, Checkmate Books, in order to produce good quality,
well-designed books of his drawings. The first, 'Glued to the Gogglebox' contains caricatures of television

with text by Lynne Truss. 'Uneasy Listening' is about 20th century composers, and 'Hitler's List' tells the stories of
those artists, writers, scientists etc whom the Nazis labelled 'degenerate' because they were left-wing,
modernist or Jewish. (Freud, Einstein, Chagall, Klee and Brecht, for example.)

John is working on his fourth Checkmate book, 'Pool of Life', which is a history of Liverpool in caricatures.
It should be published in time for Christmas.
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He draws with indian ink, using a mapping pen and brush, aiming for clean, economical lines that are
balanced against flat black areas.

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