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Gallery4allarts specializes in promoting the artwork of artist and curator Nicole Bartos together with a selection of guest artists from UK and foreign countries. Nicole, is a Liverpool based artist.To find out more please, browse artist and guest artists sections and also you may find updates on exhibitions or archive sections.

Services offered:

Gallery4allarts offers art projects and exhibitions, art workshops and a newsletter.

Artworks are available to viewing through various exhibition venues as specified online and via printed promotional material, via artist' studio or online. Comissions considered.

Generally, Gallery4allarts is aiming to promote all arts and artists as much as possible and to cultivate the multiple and beneficial sides of art, which is good vibrations, energy and intelectual exchange, communication, spiritual growth and for some, theraphy.

Primarily, the gallery is designed to promote Nicole's art and curatorial projects and the inventiveness and explorations towards her new and old ideas in art/ teaching, and in the same time, to gradually help other artists to show their works and promote their artistic activity. A series of art workshops, courses and private tuition may be available throughout the year. For details/ updates please visit workshops or courses pages.

Secondarily, the gallery presents a mini-newsletter related to Gallery4allarts' projects of visual arts and music and sometimes where possible general details from Liverpool's rich art scene. All efforts are made to keep the gallery and newsletter updated regularly. Exhibitions covered take place around Liverpool, North West UK, sometime abroad.. Please follow newsletter and exhibitions sections if interested in what's on or coming up.

The Gallery gradually develops and stores an image archive, recording past events, activities and projects coordinated by or linked to Nicole Bartos's artwork or curatorial activities, or other projects.

So, please keep coming back to our gallery website to read what's new.

Thank you for visiting this site and hope that you will enjoy exploring the almost infinite form of the art expression.


To start up, Gallery4allarts was supported by the following Liverpool organisations: Creative Bias, Bitbiz, ACID.

Big thank you to all!

For all enquiries please, contact: enquiries@gallery4allarts.com

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