Nicole Bartos


Currently exhibiting in "Artists and Identity"; 3 Nov - 22 Dec 2007

exhibition @ The Grange, 36 Ulet Road, Liverpool, L17 3BP.

Viewing by appointment. Please, see links above for contact details.


“My interest in photography, started at 19 years of age. Since living in Britain and since spending more time in France this interest has been amplified due to the great resources that I have found throughout my journeys, across beautiful countryside and Nature’s amazing landscapes; always new and inspiring scenes. Photography is not my main artistic preoccupation, but I always enjoy observing and searching for inspiration, and exercising this skill. I often use photographic images to create some of my mixed media works.

The “Shadows” cycle, started a few years ago, and it will continue as long as I will be able to walk on sunny days. I like to think that the best shots were taken in France, where the sunlight is stronger throughout the year and where most of my walks happened to take place in the spring-summer season.

Capturing a shadow against a landscape, makes me feel as if the immaterial is captured next to the material world. It also reminds me the reflection of passing by entities and energies and the fact that the world is an open “stage”…”

Nicole Bartos, 22 October 2007

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