November -December 2006

Gallery4allarts - opened a new exhibition


“Artists and Identity”
5th of November - Saturday 22nd December 2007

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Exhibiting artists:

Artists exhibiting: (please, click artist name to read more or view images)

  1. Sue Ironfield
  2. Tracy Lewis
  3. John Minnion
  4. Xia Lu
  5. Nicole Bartos
  6. Sarah Nicholson
  7. Stanislaw Jan Krakiewicz

The exhibition presents:
• retrospective work by Sue Ironfield – abstract paintings which emulate music
• a collection of black and white caricature drawings by John Minnion
• decorative wall pieces and sculptural works (made from natural materials such as roses) and prints by Tracy Lewis
“Shadows” new photographic / mixed media work by Nicole Bartos
• acrylic paintings featuring the ‘theme of home’ and marine landscapes by Stanislaw Krakiewicz
• abstract industrial landscapes in pastel by Sarah Nicholson
• new watercolour works by Xia Lu.

You may also, view (at the same venue):
• details from a retrospective exhibition: Nicole Bartos (1997-2007),
• a group show of 18 Romanian and Hungarian artists,
• installation art by Sarah Nicholson and
• works by Japanese artist Nagachoo

Along the exhibition featuring also, poetry, live music and the Windows Project with the “Tree of Dreams” – poem Saga with puppets and live music.

Participating poets and musicians:
Dave Ward, Eleanor Rees, Sue Ironfield, Stan Ambrose, Martin Robinson and others.

- Private view/Exhibition opening: Saturday, 3rd of Nov 2007, 4pm – 8.30pm
(From 6.00pm-6.50pm: “The Tree of Dreams”- Poem Saga with puppets & live music;
From 7.00-7.30pm: Poetry reading and acoustic music)

- Exhibition closing event: Saturday, 22nd of Dec 2007, 4pm - 8.30pm
(Poetry reading and acoustic music during closing event: 6.00-7.30pm)

Venue (residential area):
The Grange, 36 Ullet Road, Liverpool, L17 3BP.

Viewing by appointment, only. Closed: Wednesday and Sunday. Free access.
Contact: 07756912911 or nbartos@gmail.com

Find more updates and information about the artists on: http://www.gallery4allarts.com/nov%202007%20exhibiton.htm
Event organised by Gallery4allarts.
Curator: Nicole Bartos

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