1. "Living with Art and Energies"
  2. ! Exhibition continues until 20th August 2007,
  3. showing Nicole Bartos' retrospective work (1997-2007) and a part of the group show involving local and Romanian and Hungarian artists.
  4. Viewing by appointment only.
  5. Please contact: 07756912911 or email: nbartos@gmail.com to make an appointment.
  6. Part of the exhibition continues until further notice. This time you will only be able to view the Nicole Bartos' retrospective, few of the local artists works and Romanian and Hungarian artists' show. Please, click exhibitions link for most recent updates and scroll this page for artists statements and links to view more images from the initial show which started since 9th June.

Local artists exhibiting:

Julie Anderson, Richard Ashworth, Nicole Bartos, Kate Dadiani, Fonchon Frohlich, Pamela Holstein, Barbara Jones, Sarah Nicholson, Nathan Pendlebury, Arthur Roberts, Claire Stringer, Xia Lu, Margaretha Schöning, Sylwia Kajdanska.
International artists exhibiting: Nagachoo, Lucia Lobont, Andrea Szocs, Andra (Felicia Predescu), Radu Bimbea, Doina Stici, Andras and Judith Koncz-Munich, Adel Kiss, Melinda Farkas, Ovidiu Muraru, Marius Georgescu, Dorel Gaina, Emil Moritz, Andor
Komives, Eugen Savinescu.

Click here for more details from exhibiton private view- 9th June 2007

See more artworks from the exhibition, by clicking here.

More artworks and space related images from exhibition ...


This event, supported by artinliverpool.com (Thanks to Ian Jackson!) and The Grange, is running until the end of June 2007 (30th); involves, local artists from various ethnical backgrounds such as: Romanian-Hungarian, Georgian, Chinese, Austrian, German, Polish and international artists from: Romania, Hungary, and Japan.
A unique opportunity to see valuable artworks displayed in a residential area, which gives the feeling of embarking on a "back in time" journey through centuries.

As a brief introduction, to some of the artists and works exhibited: you will find Sarah Nicholson' s installations evoking stored memories and flash- backs, some of Nicole Bartos’ mixed media, painting, small ceramic sculpture and experimental art cycles created since 1997, most of the work being created in this venue where the exhibition takes place; Margaretha Schöning, member of Basement group, showing mixed media and painting works; Fonchon Fröhlich, (who initiated the Collective Phenomena) showing a couple of very strong etchings, Arthur Roberts (Loop), showing one of his recent and intricate drawings, Barbara Jones showing one of her etchings, Richard Ashworth showing a cycle of new mixed media and collage pieces (using recycled cereal boxes), Kate Dadiani Taylor showing one of her energetic piece, part of the series entitled “REFLECTION”, Nathan Pendlebury showing paintings, Pamela Holstein showing etchings and aqua- tinta, Claire Stringer showing paintings, Sylwia Kajdanska showing painting, Xia Lu with sketches of Liverpool scenes, Julie Anderson with paintings, Nagachoo (Japan) showing mixed media and paintings on paper revealing very strong energies and vibrations, etc.

15% of art sales will be donated to a charity (Age Concern).

Viewing: 2 pm-6 pm during week days, except Wednesday and Sunday, or by appointment.
Event organised by Gallery4allarts,

Venue: The Grange, 36 Ullet Road, Liverpool L17 3BP


More "Thank you" note:
Thanks to those making it for the Private view (9th June) and thanks to the musicians:

Stan Ambrose, Roger Edwards, Martin Robinson, who kindley dedicated their time and sublime music to our enjoyment and enhanced the beauty and welcoming of this event!


Local Artists:

Julie Anderson

" Wood" (Orange)

Ink on paper, framed
£ 195

" Wood" (Brown)

Ink on paper, framed
£ 195

" Midst"

Mixed media on canvas
£ 135

" Target"
Mixed media on canvas
£ 135

Artist’s Statement - Julie Anderson

“The work is primarily concerned with the process of creating and experimenting, allowing the materials to take on a life of their own
The finished ‘product’ is ultimately “nothing in particular” but a moment in time reflecting past, present and future experiences through the materials.
I use a variety of media including ink, charcoal, paint, magazines and found objects, working with and against their nature, subconsciously arranging and rearranging textures, marks and colour until I want to stop.
This resulting tension of intuitively creating and conscious decision making is a contradictory thread that runs through my work, making it pleasing, challenging pretty or ugly, depending upon the viewer’s perspective.
Julie is an experienced, Professional Artist, Evaluator-Researcher and Holistic Therapist who uses imaginative, artistic and creative techniques in a variety of approaches and settings. She has the experience of working in many different environments–Local Government, Academia, Holistic Therapies and the Art World.”

Richard Ashworth

“Composition 1-10”
Mixed medium on wood board
£ 150/ each

“These works are self explanatory, concrete, self existent, and they only confirm my own existence, as a person who thinks and feels, and sees its Mans nature in relation to the material nature.”

Nicole Bartos

See "art of the day (18th June 2007)" link in artinliverpool.com


Kate Dadiani

Acrylic & mixed media on Fabriano Paper
80X60 cm
£ 437, 5

Khatuna Dadiani Taylor was born in Georgia. She attended the State Academy of Art in Tbilisi. She moved to England in 1993.
The beauty and intensity of nature's colours in her country profoundly affected her vision, which she expresses through her art.
'Golden Fish' is part of the series entitled REFLECTION
" The 'Idea' comes from the model of the universe, spheres, densities, colours and volumes floating in space, traversing clouds, sprays of water, currents of air, other symbols of life. To express our experience of the universe and living in this time and space, I use the colour silver as a metaphor for the rapid progression of technology and the destruction that it brings to nature. " K.D.T

Fonchon Fröhlich

“While living in Paris I was attracted to Bill Hayter, the fabulous etcher and painter who lived in New York and Paris. He died while he was in the midst of his painting.
He had Jackson Pollok as his student in New York and Viera de Silva in Paris.
am also a painter and philosopher and have written a book on Bill Hayter’s methods of experimental drawing, and the origin of ‘Collective Phenomena’ which is a group of painters painting together with a musician who tunes into our movements in Paris, London and Liverpool.” (the artist)

“ White signs against Chaos”
“ Mandala”, etchings

Pamela Holstein

“Since my first trip to Greece, I've been fascinated by the little shrines found
on roadsides. The variety of shape and form, each one unique and home made. Just as fascinating are the contents, from a single tea light to a chaotic jumble of icons, candles, bottles of lamp oil.
Some are well tended despite the seemingly remote location, others forlorn, decayed, and abandoned to the weather and on one sorry occasion, I discovered one whose contents had caught fire. They have formed the basis for my current series of work.” (Pamela Holstein)

‘Road to Petra’
Drypoint & Aquatint
£ 35

‘ Little Gem’
Drypoint & Aquatint
£ 35

‘Near Anaxos’
Drypoint & Aquatint
£ 35

Barbara Jones


Sarah Nicholson

Sarah Nicholson makes temporary installations which determine to make viewers think about the ways in which we relate to and engage with our daily life, with places, spaces and people. The work is concerned with the transitory nature of people, objects and the ways in which they move and shift across physical, cultural, imaginary and geographical boundaries.
Often featuring conceptual upholstery in her work, Sarah's work examines the relationship between art and daily life, choosing techniques and materials which have been traditionally associated with the domestic, home craft and the decorative to create objects which nurture and protect.
The artist recycles and regroups works to construct new layers of meaning, in part influenced by the space of the environment itself. She describes her installations and objects as having a "familial relationship". Like family members they each have an individual identity, but can be modified and enhanced by the group dynamic. The dynamic changes each time that the works are re-arranged or re-made and are affected by the associative positioning of the sculptures and their current spatial context.
Important elements of the structure are the maps, made from memory, and devoid of words which would be drawn across the furniture/vessels and their sails. "Memory is a vital area of my work; my memory has been damaged by illness, yet my identity appears to remain intact. This seems to run contrary to current theories of mind which locate identity very much with memory. If I draw a map of Liverpool from my damaged memory how right or wrong will I get it? What will that tell the viewer of my experience of living in the city? What will it tell me about it?"

'Fantasy Vessel for the Grange', 2007
Found object assemblage
Variable size.

Nathan Pendlebury

"Outside the Sun is shining"
Mixed medium on canvas
Price: £400

Mixed medium on canvas
Price: £180 (Framed)

Arthur Roberts

“The geometric complexities of the Universe are fascinating and beautiful. The magical patterns that hold stars and rainbows, genes and snowflakes are of endless inspiration.”(the artist)

"Untitled”, pencil on paper

Claire Stringer

Xia Lu

Margaretha Schöning

“ Untitled”
Wax, mixed media

“ Untitled 1, 2”
Oil on canvas


Sylwia Kajdanska

" Harmony in hormones"
Acrylic on canvas (in relief)
90x90 cm
in framed
£ 400

Sylwia Kajdanska, born in Poland, lives and creates in UK since 2005.
In 1995 completed Public Artistic High school of Bielsko-Biala.
In 2000 graduated in Silesian University with degree in Art Education (specialized in painting). During 2000-2005 lived and created in Milan, collaborating with Spazio Marghera Gallery.

International artists exhibiting:


Lucia Lobont

Andrea Szocs

Andra (Felicia Predescu)

Andor Komives

Radu Bimbea

Doina Stici

Andras and Judith Koncz-Munich

Adel Kiss

Melinda Farkas

Ovidiu Muraru

Marius Georgescu

Dorel Gaina

Emil Moritz

Andor Komives

Eugen Savinescu.

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