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Work Submission Policy

To be included in the monthly online 'guest artist' section of the online gallery, please follow the general submission details and criteria below. Thank you.

To provide your material for any 'call for entries' or otherwise, sending a portfolio of work for future exhibitions purposes there is a diferent routine therefore please, check details on the 'call for entries' page for each exhibition or project, Please, note that each exhibition or project will have its particular submission entry fees.

All work submissions for the online 'guest artist' section are through general mail delivery or via email, ONLY unless otherwise stated on this page or agreed with the gallery. (some exceptions may be made by the Gallery).

The review requirements are listed below and all materials should be sent to the Gallery4allarts address below.

Please, remember to include a self-addressed stamped envelope for the safe return of your materials.


If interested in showing artworks on this website for marketing purposes or other reason (under the ‘Guest Artists’ section) is important that you follow the requirements below:

Gallery4allarts is interested in professional artists who are steady performers and can consistently meet deadlines with high-quality work.
Please, send your presentation to the Gallery and allow 10-30 days to respond.
Please, remember to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for the return of your presentation.

Painters, Sculptors and all other artists working in various media, must submit images/ photographs or a CD of at least 10 works completed within the last two-three years, and currently available work, and in addition a portrait image of the artist, if wanted. Images should all be 'Jpeg' or 'Gif' format at a resolution of 72 dpi with a maximum size of not larger then 1MB.

All submitted images/ photographs submitted must be numbered and mentioned with direction for viewing the work (if a photograph), and also, must be accompanied by a numbered list of the images/works.

!List should include: artist name and contact details, work/image title, measurements, medium, date of completion and artist price. Please, add artist name and contact details.

Your presentation must include a complete CV citing education, exhibition history, grants/awards, list of collectors (private, public, and corporate), and copies of all reviews/press received.
The presentation should also include a letter of application which includes a listing of all current gallery affiliations and general commitments you have over the next two years if the case, as well as an idea of the number of pieces we could receive from you on an immediate and annual basis.

Please, bear in mind that for selling purposes ideally only works of small/ mediun dimensions can be admitted for sale! Maximum dimensions for all type of works up to 100cmx100cmx100cm and below 6 kilograms of weight. Larger dimensions works may be displayed online but shouldn't feature as for sale unless agreed with the gallery owner.

Works of bigger dimensions then the above mentioned, may only be shown in the Gallery as part of your portfolio. It is desirable that the works you submit are all for sale and that you have the works available at all times while shown in the Gallery4allarts website.

Re: 'Artist price' and 'selling price'; gallery commission

Gallery4allarts practices a commission of 25% of the selling price of each sold artwork.

The artists are asked to give a final selling price for each work; the commission will be worked out according to the artist price plus the commission for both cases: online or gallery venues.
Therefore please, consider the Gallery4allarts commissions and make a realistic appreciation of your price.

There is a charge of £30.00/ per artist/ per year which counts as administration fee. (Updated 08/06/2015)
Your presentation should include the administration fee as well. This fee may be paid via PayPal, cash or cheque, if agreed so.
Cheques to be made payable to M. N. Bartos.

If you intend to pay through PayPal, please, enquire by telephone (07756912911) / or email gallery and you shall be sent an invoice or, if you are a Liverpool based artist you may pay in cash or cheque. Please, make an appointment for this. All details to be sent by emailing to enquiries@gallery4allarts.com

Postal address:

N. Bartos / Gallery4allarts
The Old Police Station
, 80 Lark Lane, L17 8UU

*Please, where possible, do not phone or email the Gallery regarding your application and follow the requirements mentioned above. Thank you*




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