Sarah Nicholson


Currently exhibiting in "Artists and Identity"; 3 Nov - 22 Dec 2007

exhibition @ The Grange, 36 Ulet Road, Liverpool, L17 3BP.

Viewing by appointment. Please, see links above for contact details.

Artist' statement

Sarah has created drawings of the industrial landscape for many years, using snatched glimpses from trains or cars to make thumbnail sketches, which are then worked up into large scale pastel drawings. The work is bold and bright – celebrating this country’s’ industrial heritage and the many people who work in it.

We are all chemical creatures, our very lives are a series of chain reactions, and Sarah is keen that this element is visible in her work. The buildings that she depicts are full of energy, the energy of the people who work in them and whose skilful formulas make our lives easier, healthier and longer.

Sarah sees the towers and spires of the industrial skyline as enchanting, as magical and mysterious as the processes going on within them. She hopes that her work might open up some other understanding of industry, some recognition beyond the reflex of rejection that many people have. While she does not claim to comprehend the processes involved in the creation of the chemicals upon which our lives are so dependent, she does appreciate the aesthetic of the structures that contain them and her work celebrates another form of creativity.


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