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Contemporary Art Gallery

Tel: 07756912911
Email: info@gallery4allarts.com

Gallery4allarts - Gallery 1 / Exhibitions and Artists

16/09/2010 - 28/02/2011

18th Sept - 29th Sept 2010
"Fanchon Fröhlich, Beryl Bainbridge - a friendship"
Preview: Thursday 16th September, 3pm - 8pm
(Open to accredited press and professionals);
Open Day: Saturday 18th September 12 - 7.00pm
16th& 18th Sept 6-7pm
Readings from Beryl Bainbridge’ by Windows Project - Dave Ward and Eleanor Rees
Venue: Gallery4allarts, Gallery

Press Release

19th Sept- 28th Nov 2010
Charity Fundraising event: “Minibus & Meet me at Sunset 2010”
Acoustic evenings:
Sundays, 7.30pm-9pm,: 19 Sept; 3, 17, 31 Oct; 14, 21, 28 Nov 2010
Video / Art Screenings,etc.: Wednesdays, 10am-6pm:
23, 29 Sept, 6, 13, 20, 27 Oct, 3, 10, 17, 24 Nov

Venue: The Youth Club, SMLLCA, The Old Police Station (at rear),
Sefton Grove, Liverpool L17 8XB
Contact: 07756912911 (Gallery4allarts) or 0151 728 7884 (SMLLCA)
! Contemporary Art Auction - Exhibition: 29-30th Oct 2010;

‘Auction’: Saturday 30th Oct 3pm

Featuring works from artists such as: Nicole Bartos, Danniel John, Fanchon Frohlich, Sue Ironfield, Richard Ashworth, Nagachoo and others.
Venue: Gallery4allarts, Gallery 1

2nd Oct - 14th Oct
Kaety Moore & Jenny Wendy: "Mucky daughters"
Installation and mixed media project and exhibition.
Private view: Sat 2nd Oct, 12 - 5pm
Venue: Gallery4allarts, Gallery 1

16th Oct - 27th Oct 2010
Ada Villa “Natures”- ! Cancelled
A semi-abstract painting exhibition.
Private view / Open day: Sat 16th, 12 - 5pm
Venue/Event: Gallery4allarts, Gallery 1

16th Oct - 27th Oct 2010

Contemporary Art Auction - Exhibition: 16th-30th Oct 2010;

‘Auction’ : Saturday 30th Oct 3pm
Venue: Gallery4allarts, Gallery 1 and the Youth Club, SMLLCA

6th Nov - 30th Nov 2010
"Meet me at Sunset 2010"
Preview: Friday 5th of November, 12-5pm
(open to accredited press and professionals)
Open Day: Saturday 6th November, 12-5pm
Venue: Gallery4allarts, Gallery 1 & Gallery 2 & The Youth Club - SMLLCA

Participating artists and musicians:
Andra, Nicole Bartos, Fanchon Fröhlich, Kaety Moore, Cristopher Muotoh, Nagachoo, Gisele Nzolameso, Ada Villa, Jenny Wynne, ‘The Cutting Room’: Jennifer Ross, Claire McCann, Chare Harris; Peter Frucht, Carmen Cristian, Sars-opera /Contemporary Arts Centre Chisinau, ‘Creamer projects -Juan del Gado,’ Gruppo Sinestetico & Sassu Antonio, Sarawut Chutiwongpeti, ‘Windows project’: Dave Ward, Eleanor Rees; 'Graculus': Richard Harding, Phil Hargreaves; ‘Skirmish’ and others.

More details & updates on all events on:

Venue addresses and opening times:

The Old Police Station
80 Lark Lane
Liverpool, L17 8UU

Opening times:
Tues - Wedns-Thurs 3.00pm - 6.00pm;
Friday, Saturday 12.00am - 5.00pm
Closed: Monday, Sunday.

The Old Police Station
4 Sefton Grove,
Liverpool, L17 8XB

Opening times:
Tues - Wedns- Thurs 12.00pm - 6.00pm;
Friday, Saturday 12.00am - 5.00pm
Closed: Monday, Sunday.

Press Release


Contemporary Art Gallery

16/09/2010 - 28/02/2011

Gallery4allarts hosts a series of artists and events during the Independents Liverpool Biennial. From painting to installation, mixed media and video art, the artists based in Liverpool, London, Nottingham, Japan, Italy, etc. bring their contribution for this year’s Biennial with dedication and joy.
Gallery curator and organiser: Nicole Bartos

Artists, Statements and Events

Fanchon Fröhlich

Venue/Event; Gallery 1:
" Beryl Bainbridge, a friendship"
18.09.2010 - 29.09.2010

"This exhibition is to commemorate Beryl Bainbridge in paintings and drawings of her, her husband and her babies. Also, featuring drawings of my husband, Herbert Fröhlich and a painting of myself in the 'Beryl period'. We were a group of people, Beryl Bainbridge, I - a philosopher from Oxford and later an abstract painter, her husband - Austin Davis, a painter who has just done a huge painting of "Dejeune sur l'herbe" (...) and my husband Herbert, Professor of Theoretical Physics. (...)” For 'All our yesterdays'.
Fanchon Fröhlich (nee Angst) was a philosophy student at the University of Chicago, where she worked with Rudolf Carnap (formerly of Vienna, and the founder of the Vienna Circle) and Oxford, where she studied with Sir Prof. Peter Strawson, doing a doctorate in Primary and Secondary Qualities. She studied at Liverpool College of Art, then moved to St Ives to work with Peter Lanyon. Later she travelled to Paris where she worked with the sculptor Szabo and finally studied at Stanley William Hayter's etching atelier, Atelier 17, all of the time preserving her faith in Abstract Expressionism. Her artwork unites philosophy of science and art.

Nicole Bartos

Venue /Events: Gallery 2:
“ Capturing Threads of Light”
18.09.2010 - 29.09.2010
“ Meet me at Sunset 2010 “
06.11.2010 - 30.11.2010

“Capturing threads of Light”, is a revelation of colour vibration and light filtering screens that welcome you to take a journey of meditation and peace. Abstract painting and site specific installation.
Artist and curator born in Romania, and based in Liverpool. Since an early age, Nicole Bartos (Maria-Nicoleta Bartos), has experienced art in many different forms with great dedication and a thirst for discovery and experiment. Her best artistic achievements are in the field of mixed media and experimental art ("Structures and Geometries" - experimental research), site specific installation, abstract painting, experimental drawing, photography and ceramics sculpture.

"The rhythm and vibration of my work is determined by the levels of energy and the waves of thought. By allowing space, energy and irrational expressions, of the subconscious mind, to take form through the tip of each brush or painting knife, meditation follows; I relax and certainly heal. These exercises coming from an awareness or 'mimicry' of a certain feeling are mostly performed in silence or, accompanied by classical music. (…) I am fascinated by abstract art as I acknowledge it as a mirror expression or open door towards the inner and higher self of the artist. An amazing experience to engage into and reflect on, wonder…"

Gisele Nzolameso

Venue/Event; Gallery 2:
“ Left To Die“
16.10.2010 - 27.10.2010

Gisèle Nzolameso is a Congolese born and a UK based contemporary visual artist. Her practice explores the themes of identity, gender, poverty, exploitation and genocide.
She invites her audience to confront rather than escape the reality of socio-political issues.
In an ambiguous manner at times and other times in a more direct style of representation, she aims to give the viewers subject for thought and discussion. Gisèle Nzolameso works in a wide variety of media including, but not limited to, digital photography, collage, clay, photo etching and time based media.

“Left to Die” - Video Installation Double Screen.
The video screens represent a transparent window onto the world of a captive character. As a matter of course, Gisèle Nzolameso seeks to implicate the viewer with moving and intrusive imagery while stressing universal values and emotions: pain, compassion, distress, hope, altruism, exploitation, fear, greed and courage.The intriguing performances address the notion of "one's body is one's property" in an environment where the lack of law and order makes the concepts of identity, worth, ownership and privacy obsolete.

Christopher Moutoh

Venue/Event: Gallery 2:
“ Conscious Nature“
02.10.2010 - 14.10.2010

I specialize in painting expressive art as well as portraiture, using my personal identity and emotions as a tool for subject. The media I use vary from ink to graphite and biro.
The topic I am currently focusing on is dreams and thoughts. What they mean to me and how they effect me as a person. "Art is a way I could express myself, how I am feeling and my likes and dislikes from pen to paper."
“ Chris Muotoh is a talented young artist, who enthuses in exploring the ideas of ‘dream’ and ‘nightmare’. A cycle of mixed media painting on wood will introduce you to details from the artists’ dreaming

Kaety Moore


Venue/Event: Gallery 1
“ Mucky Daughters”
02.10.2010 - 14.10.2010

Kaety Moore's background is in fine art, music and writing. Her work weaves in and out of drawing, movement and song.
It reflects emotional and physical landscapes and is inspired by storytelling, mythology and nature. Kaety works with soft sculpture, installation and performance to explore political questions posed by
feminism, motherhood and the process of making/caring.

Jenny Wynne

Venue/Event: Gallery 1
“ Mucky Daughters “
02.10.2010 - 14.10.2010

Jenny Wynne is a painter, specialising in oils whose working practise is strongly underpinned by drawing.

My work is a combination of two styles, the hyper-real and a more spontaneous and gestural way of mark making, into finished images that hint at the mechanics and materials of workmanship.
Drawing feels very physical, re-tracing the body as an image. The movements of a charcoal line follow the pits, pores, swell, blush and life of the human anatomy. Mud as paint is like flesh- it has a rich and tactile quality and is a perfect material to suggest the human form. It is the uniqueness of every mark and of every person represented as visual image which fascinates me- it is like a fingerprint.
‘ Mucky Daughters’
“ Remnants from a transient art work along the Mersey. The silt of the river describes the encounters between the artists and the environment.
Kaety Moore and Jenny Wynne are two artists connected by the Mersey estuary. They collaborate in this temporary work which is a departure from their usual practices. Wynne typically works with oil paint and Moore with calico and cotton. ‘Mucky Daughters’ is the name of a poem by Moore, which is a call to the wild; and an opportunity for both artists to get out of the studio and play with their work. They substitute the matter of paint with mud and material with sand. Mucky is wild, free, unconfined and an exploration of childbirth, motherhood and belief.” jennywynne@yahoo.co.uk

Ada Villa
Venue/Event: Gallery 1
“ Natures”
16th Oct - 27th Oct 2010


Ada Villa, Italian artist based in Pescara, combines painting with creative thought and writing. She has collaborated with artist and curator Nicole Bartos during 2008 Liverpool Biennial. This time she will back to exhibit her paintings through Gallery4allarts, as part of \ "Meet me at Sunset 2010\" project.

Ada has made Abruzzo her adopted country. For many years, she travelled around the world (Europe, South America and Canada), but it was only in the Abruzzo countryside that she found the serenity that permitted her to devote herself entirely to painting.” Ada has exhibited widely through many group and solo exhibitions in countries such as: Italy (Pescara, Florence, Chieti, Ferrara, Pesaro, Francavilla al Mare, Lazio and Molise, Frisa, Perugia (“The 8th Award Biennial of Contemporary Art Torre Strozzi”), etc; Holland, (Deen Hag), UK (Liverpool), France (Paris) and has also, participated as a poet to a variety of art and poetry related events.

The series are called 'Natures' and this wants to represent both the time passing, leaving signs on the bodies, in the souls and environment.

“The man attacks the nature and the nature attacks the man.”
This in synthesis is the thought that the artist wants to communicate through her paintings.
You imagine that don't reveal only the unstoppable one to flow some time, the to wither of the youth or of the beauty, but they represent more and more also the deep connection among the great tied up tragedies to the frequent cataclysms and the environmental disasters caused by the man. The black tide caused by the oil losses or the environmental pollution and the toxic refusals by a side and the floods, the fires, the droughts, the volcanoes in eruption from the other, are two faces of the same medal. This pain, this incapability to understand and to justify such condition, materializes him through the pictorial work of Ada Villa that has wanted not by chance to call 'Nature' this series of works, to lines also hard, where the unconditional love for the nature reveals him and manifests him through the colour and the hope.'

‘Meet me at Sunset 2010’
Venue: Gallery4allarts, Gallery 1 & Gallery 2 & The Youth Club SMLLCA
06.11.2010 - 30.11.2010

Over 24 British and international artists took part in this project during 2008, as part of the Independents' Biennial. This year some of those artists will join again, next to the newly selected artists. A festive ‘season’ project, starting with sunset watching meetings, throughout early September, and finalising with the exhibition. Featuring a variety of art media from abstract painting to photography, mixed media and small sculpture, video screenings, etc.
Artists: Andra (Romania), Nicole Bartos, Fanchon Fröhlich, Nagachoo (Japan), Ada Villa (Italy), Sarawut Chutiwongpeti (Thailand), Gruppo Sinestetico & Sassu Antonio (Italy) and others. Curator: Nicole Bartos

‘Minibus & Meet Me at Sunset 2010’
Venue: The Youth Club, SMLLCA, The Old Police Station
19.09.2010 - 28.11.2010
Wednesdays 10am-6pm and Sundays 7.30-9pm, only)
Tickets at the door: £4.00/ person (concession £2.00). Disabled access.

A charity fundraising event for the Community Centre-SMLLCA (St. Michael's and Lark Lane Community Association), comprising of a series of art events and art forms such as: video art screenings, performance art, acoustic music, contemporary art auction, artists' talks, etc.
Featuring video & art screenings from ‘The Cutting Room’ (Nottingham): Jennifer Ross, Claire McCann, Chare Harris; Peter Frucht (Germany/ Hungary), Carmen Cristian (South Africa), Sars-opera /Contemporary Arts Centre Chisinau (Moldova), Creamer projects -Juan del Gado (London), Gruppo Sinestetico & Sassu Antonio (Italy)and others.
Acoustic music from 'Graculus': Richard Harding - acousticand electric guitars & Phil Hargreaves- soprano sax & flute; ‘Skirmish’ and others.

Full programme details tbc online: www.gallery4allarts.com/ exhibitions


6th Nov- 30th Nov 2010


!Submissions until 30th of September 2010

Event taking place during 6th Nov- 30th Nov 2010
This group exhibition continuing the successful 2008 “Meet me at Sunset” project is part of this year charity fundraising project for the SMLLCA (St. Michael’s and Lark Lane Community Association). Curated by N. Bartos.
! call for entries until late August 2010.
Open Day: Sat 6th Nov, 12-5pm
@ Gallery4allarts, Gallery 1, Gallery 2. See venue details below.

Event organised by Gallery4allarts for the Liverpool Independents Biennial 2010. Curator Nicole Bartos.

“Meet me at Sunset” - Artists' Gatherings

Meetings at Sunset hour will take place at various locations in Liverpool, for 5 days in August - September 2010, before and during sunset. Times and precise locations to be confirmed, please, email your details and interest to: nbartos@gmail.com, mentioning as subject "sunset meetings".

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